Quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? Dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.

Publio Ovidio Nasone (43 a.C. - 18 d.C.) - Ars Amatoria, Liber I

Hydrodemolition and industrial cleaning

The use of HPWJ equipment for hydrodemolition and for industrial cleaning with plain or abrasive water jets (hydroblasting) in the fields of civil, industrial or naval engineering is today widespread especially when no damage should be induced to the treated material (e.g. in the cases of maintenance of historic and art structures or dirt removal from pipelines, tanks and so on) as well as when mechanical, chemical or thermal stress must be avoided

On these subjects a deeper study concerning the applicability of some technical solutions based on the use of water jets will be soon undertaken by AQUAVIS.

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