Quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? Dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.

Publio Ovidio Nasone (43 a.C. - 18 d.C.) - Ars Amatoria, Liber I

Beneficiation of End-Of-Life (EOL) tires

The main project presently being carried on is that concerning the economic treatment of End-Of-Life tires by means of an innovative application of High Pressure Waterjet Technology, developed by the AQUAVIS founders in the course of a lasting research carried out the Department of Geoengineering and Environmental Technologies at the University of Cagliari (DIGITA, recently merged into the broader DICAAR).

The feasibility of the process based on the use of properly designed hydraulic and mechanical systems has been proved at the laboratory scale suggesting the further development of the concept to the commercial scale, now completed with the installation of the demonstration module TIRES, with which the tests have been started at the end of 2014. The availability of this pilot equipment will allow the validation of the technology at an industrial level and the optimization of technical performance and economic results, with special attention to the quality of the products as the necessary step before proceeding to the realization of a production plant representing the ultimate goal of the Company.

The advantages over the competitor technologies for the treatment of end-of-life tires, based either on mechanical shredding and grinding or on cryogenic comminution, stand in a better process reliability (limited wear of machinery) as well as in a higher quality of the materials recovered, with particular reference to the rubber component.

The AQUAVIS approach, besides contributing to the solution of the severe problem posed by the disposal of such a burdensome waste, provides significant economic advantages related to the quality of the products obtained by waterjet disintegration.

This will strengthen the possibility of recycling the products obtainable with the AQUAVIS technology as secondary raw materials suitable for the employment in various industrial sectors with good prospects of higher economic return than that offered by the conventional treatment processes.

The project has been funded in the frame of the program POR FESR Sardegna 2007 – 2013 “Aiuti per startup innovative” (Financial support to innovative startup).Logo EU

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