Quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? Dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.

Publio Ovidio Nasone (43 a.C. - 18 d.C.) - Ars Amatoria, Liber I

Treatment of waste composite materials

Fiber Reinforced Polymers – FRP represent since many years a reference material widely employed in various industrial sectors (boating, automotive, aeronautics, aerospace and, more and more frequently, building, furniture, fittings) owing to their excellent mechanical and technological properties in addition to the chemical resistance and the suitability to shaping into molds.

On the other hand, the presently available technologies for the disposal of discarded FRP products (thermochemical processes for the recovery of fiberglass, kevlar or carbon fibers, mechanical pulverization, incineration), are very expensive, poorly efficient and often potentially dangerous to the environment. As a consequence millions of tons of FRP waste are simply dumped in landfills or abandoned.

A research project has been started by AQUAVIS with the goal of beneficiating this kind of material using HPWJ technology. Positive results are expected based on the selective action of the water jets enabling the recovery of fibers.

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