Quid magis est saxo durum, quid mollius unda? Dura tamen molli saxa cavantur aqua.

Publio Ovidio Nasone (43 a.C. - 18 d.C.) - Ars Amatoria, Liber I

High Pressure WaterJet application for the recovery of End-Of-Life (EOL) materials

The beneficiation of rejects and waste materials deriving from different production processes represents a priority in the today’s “waste society”. Beneficiation is the most appropriate solution to the problem resulting from the big amount of discarded waste to be disposed of, with the further advantage of increasing the availability of secondary raw materials or semi-finished products. As clearly evident, the reasons underlying this approach are not only those related to the protection of natural resources, always emphasized and certainly fully shared by the public opinion, but rather those having a main economic and sometimes geopolitical nature.

Within this frame AQUAVIS is engaged in the development and the application of new technologies enabling the transformation of waste into useful materials.

Among the research carried out so far or still in course the following deserve mentioning:

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